Celebration "Cocktale" Creations

Grab something more meaningful than what can be found on a store shelf.

Want to toast a milestone, holiday, create a special bonding moment, or honor a person’s life on a deeper level? Then This Is For You!


Do It For The Cocktail Culture is a Black women-owned business whose mission is to share Black stories and toast Black History.

We also make detailed, creative cocktails and cocktail kits for a diverse clientele that are visually beautiful and simultaneously emotionally impactful.

We specialize in creating “Cocktales” inspired by historical Black figures and stories as well as custom craft cocktails directly inspired by an everyday person, their life, or a specific story. Click Here to Learn More About DIFTCC


Our mission is to make each “Cocktale” as unique as the person or story it is designed to honor.

Every cocktail and cocktail kit comes with a “Cocktale” Hour eBook PDF. This eBook includes high-quality and stylized photos of your cocktail, a step-by-step recipe card with links to purchase ingredients. 

Additionally, it includes a detailed written tribute that breaks down the inspiration for the cocktail and demonstrates how everything from the ingredients to the garnish tells and celebrates the honoree’s story.


To make a custom “Cocktale,” we ask our clients to fill out a Cocktail Inspiration Questionnaire, which allows us to get to know their story better and craft a completely tailor-made cocktail.

Once we have this information from you, your work is done! You can get back to your day-to-day life while you wait to receive your one-of-a-kind cocktail.


We build the cocktail around the information you provide to us: interesting facts that creatively connect to your story, your palate, and your bartending skill level. We then partner with a seasoned expert cocktail creator to make you a well-crafted cocktail.

Once the cocktail creation is complete, you will receive your “Cocktale” Hour eBook PDF. The entire process can take 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly we meet with you to discuss the project and how soon you fill out our Cocktail Inspiration Questionnaire.


 We can provide alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail kits at a minimum order purchase. Kits will include ingredients needed to make two servings of the drink. We require addresses and dietary preferences 3 weeks before the agreed-upon delivery date.


We do more than just make drinks. We put our heart, soul, & taste buds into each of our "Cocktales.” We spend a great deal of time sifting through research, brainstorming uniquely personal cocktail ingredients, experimenting with recipes, and executing the final results.

When you experience a “Cocktale” with us, it creates a lasting memory within the consumer to mark just about any special occasion.


 Whether it be for yourself or for a loved one, a “Cocktale” is perfect for the person who is tired of celebrating in the same old ways and wants to toast to all the things that made them who they are today.

It can also act as a one-of-a-kind gift for someone who already has everything, appreciates thoughtful gestures, or values something more meaningful than what's found on a store shelf. 



Click below to learn how you can hire us to craft a one-of-a-kind “Cocktale” or to help throw a special event for you! Cheers!