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Do It For The Cocktail Culture shares stories and toast Black History.

We eat, drink, and breathe stories by exploring Black culture through the lens of the liquor industry, promoting Black contributions in celebratory ways, and also celebrating the stories of everyday people. 

We put our heart, soul, and taste buds into each of our "Cocktales" and "Cocktale Hour" Experiences. Learn More About DIFTCC’s Founder


We offer detailed and creative “Custom” Cocktail/Mocktail Creations, Cocktail Events, and Cocktail Kits for just about any occasion. When you hire us, be prepared to have a fun, educational, and unforgettable experience.


We specialize in creating “Cocktales” inspired by historical Black figures or stories and custom craft cocktails directly inspired by an everyday person’s life or specific story.

We make detailed, creative cocktails and cocktail kits that are not only visually beautiful but also socially and emotionally impactful for a diverse clientele.

Our “Cocktales” or “Mocktales” are completely tailor-made. Everything from the drink’s ingredients to the garnish is inspired by and helps to tell the story we are celebrating.

This makes each “Cocktale” as unique as the person or story it is designed to honor. Experiencing a “Cocktale” with us creates a lasting memory to mark just about any occasion..


Depending on the drink, we can create alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail kits for your group. Kits will include ingredients needed to make two servings of the cocktail.

For the delivery of cocktail kits, we require addresses and dietary preferences three weeks before the event.


We host virtual or in-person (currently only in the New York Area) Cocktail classes which infuse Black history with mixology.

During our 1 hour+ “Cocktale” Hour Experiences, we present our “Cocktale(s)” or “Mocktale(s),” talk through the inspiration and history behind the drink, mix it in real-time, and answer any questions the attendees may have throughout the event.

We also offer activities like Black History Trivia inspired by the event’s theme with the chance to win some official Do It For The Cocktail Culture merchandise!


We do more than just make drinks. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a fun, one-of-a-kind experience that will make your next party, educational programming, and team-building events memorable. 

Make the time to thoughtfully share Black stories in celebratory, educational, and inspiring ways. What better time than now to bring your community closer together over meaningful cocktails and discussion?


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