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Partner With us to Promote Your Brand.

Are you a business with a product or service? We are naturally-born storytellers with a passion for sharing Black History’s roots through today’s Cocktail Culture.

Working with us gives you exposure to our audience of over 9000 followers and an opportunity to tell your Brand’s story in an innovative, creative, and unique-to-you way.


Do It For The Cocktail Culture is a Black women-owned business whose mission is to share Black stories and toast Black History.

We also make detailed, creative cocktails and cocktail kits for a diverse clientele that are visually beautiful and simultaneously socially and emotionally impactful. Click Here to Learn More About DIFTCC


We go beyond your traditional advertising and promotional techniques to create fun, educational, and memorable cocktail experiences that capitalize on storytelling and the best parts of cocktail culture.

We don’t just make cocktails— we share stories and cocktail experiences.

Our services include:

  • Social Media Marketing & Promotion of Affiliate Brands
  • Panels, Lectures, Talks, & Celebratory Events
  • Custom Cocktale Creation for Corporate Events & Personal Milestones
  • Cocktale Hour Experiences & Classes
  • Event Collaborations & Partnerships
  • Black History Education within the Liquor IndustryContent Creation and Brand Spotlights

Content Creation & Brand Spotlights

Looking to reach a wider audience and diverse clientele? Hire us to promote your product, service, or brand on our Instagram page. We currently focus our social media promotion efforts solely on Instagram.


We offer “Cocktale” or “Mocktale” creations as a way to educate consumers on how to best use and enjoy your products while reinforcing your brand’s voice and creating a positive, lasting impression on your audience.

We also offer you the choice of selecting a “Cocktale” (or a few) from our “Cocktale” Catalog. You will receive everything in our Custom “Cocktale” Creation Package. The only difference is that we modify any of our pre-made cocktail recipes to include your product. 

Event Collaborations

What better way to connect with your audience than by throwing a special event? During a Panel, Live, or a “Cocktale Hour” Experience class, we bring your brand story to life!

Talks, Lectures, Podcasts, and Panels

Interested in knowing more about Black history through a liquor industry lens?

We love to host and speak on panels, podcasts, and lectures focused on promoting Black-owned businesses and women-run endeavors, and educating the public on Black history through the lens of the liquor industry. 



We believe storytelling is the best and most powerful way to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Our services fuse together meaningful, innovative storytelling methods with marketing and promotional techniques to highlight our affiliate brands’ products or services, emphasize their mission, and demonstrate proper (and creative) uses in real-time.

Our aim is for people to leave with a greater understanding of our partners’ brand identity as we model and speak to their product on social media and at events.

Through the art of storytelling, we serve as a mouthpiece for your brand message and mission, allowing people to better understand your brand identity while showing off innovative uses for your product.    

Check Out This Panel We Organized & Hosted With Influencer Ashlee Tuck from Will Drink For Travel for the James Beard Foundation



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